Heat Trace System Important Reminders For Customers

In late 2012, Inuvik Gas Ltd. equipped each customer’s meter and above-ground gas riser with electric heat trace and insulation, to ensure the safe, reliable distribution of Synthetic Natural Gas during extreme cold weather. This is similar to wrapping the exposed areas in an electric blanket, or like the electric heat trace in your utilidette.

This winter heating season, customers are responsible for the electricity costs associated with the gas-related heat trace system. The temporary Heat Trace Rebate program has ended.

The heat trace and insulation is required to make sure the Synthetic Natural Gas system works safely during extreme cold weather. The supply of electricity to the heat trace must remain on to ensure system safety and reliability. The heat trace is controlled by a thermostat located at your home or business.

Inuvik Gas is fully committed to continuing to deliver safe and reliable gas service to its customers for the coming year. We will continue to operate the system with Synthetic Natural Gas as the main source of fuel over the 2013 – 2014 winter heating season.

Inuvik Gas will be checking the heat trace at the gas meter periodically over the heating season to ensure the safe operation of the system.