Synthetic Natural Gas System - Winter Preparation

Inuvik Gas has successfully completed the testing and implementation of the Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) system. More than 95 percent of in-home inspections have been completed. While we did encounter some appliances that require maintenance, Inuvik Gas has found no issues with appliances running on SNG in homes and businesses.

In preparation for cold temperatures this winter, we have completed our survey of all external gas piping and meters, and immediate action is required to support safe and reliable service during extreme cold weather.

Therefore, on Wednesday, November 14, crews from Inuvik Gas will begin working in Town section-by- section, starting with businesses, to install heat trace and insulation around the meters and the above- ground gas risers at every customer’s home and business. This work, similar to wrapping the meter and exposed pipe in an electric blanket, is required to ensure uninterrupted SNG service. In many cases, the outdoor piping will be modified and the regulator may need to be moved. This work will require access inside the building to relight the appliances.

The installation process will, in most cases, require crews to visit each home or business once for approximately four hours. This work will include an in-home assessment, installation of the external heat tracing and insulation, set-up of the electrical connection inside the home, and powering-up the system.

Please note that the participation of every customer is required in order for Inuvik Gas to continue to heat homes and businesses this winter and to not compromise the system for all customers.

Inuvik Gas will compensate customers for electricity costs associated with gas-related heat tracing this winter through a rebate to their gas bills.

We intend to complete this work within about five weeks while the Town is using natural gas from Ikhil.

Inuvik Gas will be calling customers to schedule an appointment. We also encourage customers to call and leave a message at 777-3406 to suggest a convenient appointment time, seven days a week between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Inuvik Gas will also be posting schedules, a map, and regular updates on our website, so please visit regularly.

Customer cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please call Inuvik Gas' general number at 777-3422.

For More Information, please contact:

Kevin MacKay
General Manager
Inuvik Gas Limited
(867) 777-3422